Terms & Conditions

Service Scope & Limitations

I provide services in four core areas:

1. Design of VBA applications, to facilitate data-entry and data-processing in Excel and Access. (NB: Development of standalone and web-based applications is also possible through a third party, who is an experienced freelance developer.)

2. Literature searching, preliminary analysis, and draft-level interpretation of data relating to chemicals in the environment (NB: I do not provide final technical interpretation of ecotoxicology and/or environmental chemistry data).

3. Drafting, editing and design of written communications materials, including business cards, website copy, technical reports, etc.(NB: professional copy-editing and proof-reading services will become available in the near future. Professional graphic design services are available through a third party).

4. Management and administration of science and communications projects and activities, including small events, workshops and meetings (NB: I do not manage large events, eg conferences).

The Process
Contact me to schedule an appointment to discuss your project.

I will provide a free consultation of up to 2 hours, to work with you to define your needs for the project. Further project definition work will be charged by the hour.

Once the project definition is clear, I will email you a written proposal, typically within one to three business days (depending on project complexity). This proposal will include a cost and timeframe estimate, and will be assigned a unique proposal number.

If you are happy for me to proceed as outlined in the proposal, please email me, quoting the proposal number, to indicate acceptance. Once I have received an acceptance email from you, I will commence work.

If you cancel the project for any reason after completion of more than one half of the agreed project hours, I remain entitled to full payment of the agreed fee. If you cancel the project prior to completion of one half of the agreed project hours, I remain entitled to full payment for all work carried out prior to cancellation.

If the hourly rate was discounted (for projects more than 75 hours), and you cancel the project before completion, the discount will not apply. If I am unable to meet your requirements or deadlines for any reason, I will let you
know as soon as possible, and we will come to an appropriate arrangement. If you need to change the project requirements for any reason, once work has begun, we will go through the process of definition, proposal and acceptance again before I continue working. This additional project definition work will be billable. Second (and subsequent) quotes will deduct hours already worked (i.e. I will not bill you twice for the same work).

Charging Schedule & Payment Terms
I bill projects by the hour, on a time and materials basis. Billable time includes: phone consultation; meetings; research and analysis; drafting, editing and revisions; management and administration; travelling time. Where travel exceeds 4 hours (round trip), I bill by the day (equivalent to 7.5 hours work). Travel expenses are billed as materials.

The minimum chargeable period is 2 hours. For each project, billing is limited to a do-notexceed (DNE) level that is agreed before work commences. The DNE is the maximum amount of time I foresee requiring to bring the project to
completion. When I reach 80% of the DNE level, I will alert you if I am likely to need to work hours in excess of the DNE level to bring the project to completion. I will not work hours in excess of the DNE level without written authorisation.

Where a project requires me to work outside of normal working hours (9:00 – 17:30 Monday- Friday), this will be charged at double the normal hourly rate. At the end of the calendar month, I will mail you an invoice for any work carried out during that month. I require payment within 10 working days of invoicing. If payment is late, I will cease working on any outstanding projects of yours until the balance is settled.

Payment may be made by cheque or direct credit.

I will not divulge the nature, content, tangible products or even existence of our relationship without your permission. Likewise, all proprietary materials released to me are kept in the strictest confidence