Literature Searching

Coming from a research background, I am familiar with the major online sources of scientific and toxicological information. I can conduct searches at whatever level suits you, be it an initial wide-angle trawl, or an in-depth evaluation of individual studies.

I work quickly and keep a clear record of sources, search-strings and number of hits. I can report results in a variety of formats, to allow ease of incorporation into reports or appendices.

Contact me to find out how I can help you with:

  • Searching for fate and toxicity data on HSDB, TOXNET, Web of Science, USEPA Ecotox, and more
  • Searching for data on chemical identity, uses and sources
  • Locating and interpreting material safety data sheets
  • Ranking and prioritising hits by relevance and validity criteria (eg Klimisch Codes)
  • Compiling and indexing your reference lists, and checking citations